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Why Do we Only offer 2 types of pellets???

Cookinpellets are 100% Hardwood with NO fillers. Some companies use oak or alder as a filler.

This is not bad but it will make a less flavorful BBQ smoke or cook.

Our pellets have NO additives or binders added!

We have decided to offer only 2 types of BBQ wood pellets (smoking pellets).  Our Perfect Mix, and 100% Hickory. We have done extensive testing with loads of different meat and types of pellets. We have talked with some of the biggest competition teams and restaurants that use pellets and they all agree that a good MIX is the answer! Our Perfect Mix is Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple and Apple.  No Oak or Alder...Just 100% of the top hardwoods. The way we make this recipe never changes so it has a very consistent flavor. Great for short cooks like chicken, burgers, pork chops, fish and awesome for long smokes like pulled pork, brisket, turkey, whole pigs, whatever you smoke or cook the Perfect Mix delivers a good smoke flavor without having to have 12 different containers stacked up in the garage. We aren't saying you shouldn't use the other 100% variety woods.  We are just trying to make it easier for those that want a great consistent smoke or cook with less hassle and our PERFECT MIX will deliver just that!!

We also offer our 100% Hickory. It is just that, Hickory.  Great for cooks around 6 hours or less.  The Hickory flavor can get pretty intense on longer smokes.

We only use heart-woods, no outer bark, no reclaimed wood, no scrap, no oil additives, no binders!!

Cooking Pellets Vs Heating Pellets

The difference between Cooking (smoking or bbq pellets) and Heating pellets is most heating pellets are made of scrap (bark) and soft woods, like pine or fir with some hardwoods mixed in. They don't burn as clean and will leave a nasty taste to the food and could harm you if you use them for cooking. It is true that some heating pellets are made with all hardwoods like oak, but the heating pellets may not have the consistency of all hardwoods. Manufacturers are able to use any type of wood that they can get to fill their needs. Here at Cookinpellets.com we ONLY use the top hardwoods. Since we ONLY offer pellets for pellet grills we are very careful to keep true to our TOP Hardwoods ONLY ingredients.

Cookinpellets.com pellets are for cooking ONLY. We do not sell heating pellets for your home.

Cookinpellets.com pellets work excellent in ALL Pellet type grills like RECTEC, TRAEGER, LOUISIANA Grill, FE, Green Mountain Grills, MAK, Wood Master, Cookshack or whatever you have. They can also be used in any other cooking grill, gas, electric or charcoal when using a smoking cup or make your own smoke bomb.

Pellets are as safe as using chunks of hardwoods or anything else you are used to smoking with. The main difference is that when you buy pellets you are recycling used wood, (sawdust) keeping our landfills free from usable materials. Just simply put... A Green Choice!