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Lifetime Warranty Grill Covers

Lifetime Warranty Grill Covers

These are the BEST grill cover money can buy! Here's why.

1) Heavy 18oz Vinyl Coated Dacron, Poly Stiching

2) Crack resistent to -50 below zero!!

3) Water proof

4) LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! If it fails in any way we will replace FREE OF CHARGE!

5) UV Inhibitors

Certain things such as tree sap and bird poop can both speed that along as well as stain the metal.
Additionally, leaving it uncovered allows for more access for critters like spiders to make their way in .
Make a point of covering the bbq (I find if I leave the lid open it is cool enough right after I finish eating) , but don't fret it if you forget once or twice - just cover it the next morning.