If you're looking for bulk pellets, 600lbs or more, the shipping is a lot less via truck freight, (skid). We sell in 40lbs bags. So call your pellet grill using buddies and get a big order together! You'll save about 10%-25% based on a bulk buy.

PLEASE ANSWER THESE 4 QUESTIONS and send to our email. I will get a freight quote back to you within 24hrs or less depending on time of day.

Weight you want?

Zip Code?

Is this a business delivery with a dock or forklift?

Is this is a residential delivery?


E us at info@cookinpellets.com

Freight prices change every Tuesday so this is the easiest way to get a quote.

PLEASE NOTE: In bulk our pricing $.45 per pound for our Perfect Mix and $.50 per pound for 100% Hickory!

600lbs minimum

Retailer/Dealers please e-me at info@cookinpellets.com for your pricing! Please give me a little info about your business if you want to be a dealer!!


Lastly, PLEASE remember that we do NOT

make any money on any type of freight charges!!



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