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About cookinpellets.com

Cookinpellets.com was started because we got aggravated at the minimal flavor that was produced by the original grill manufacturers pellets we bought.

So we found the best product we could and made it better by giving you the customer a little extra and an honest buy.

We do not have a retail store but you can pick up locally. Just call us at 262.498.6215 or e-mail us at info@cookinpellets.com to arrange a local pick up.

We stand behind our products 100% !

If you're not happy, we want to know.

We use our pellet grill about 4-6 days per week and are serious about offering you something that we found missing in this industry....

A 100% top hardwood product at a great price with awesome flavor!

Thanks for checking in...

The Pellet Guy
PO Box 44127
Racine WI 53404