It has been a long time coming, but we are in the final phase of moving to a larger facility!!  It is a much needed move as we haven't been able to keep as much stock on the floor as we need to keep up with incoming orders.  We have always been able to keep up with the manufacturing, there was just never enough space to store the pellets!!!  We are going to be in our new facility in the beginning of April.  We are running the Perfect Mix as fast as we can.  It should be ready to ship within the first couple weeks of April.  We are also waiting for raw materials in order to run the Hickory.  As soon as we get wood in and get a break in the Perfect Mix we will run the HIckory.  Hopefully by the end of the month.  Please bear with us as we put the final pieces into place just in time for Spring and the start of another great Smokin' season.

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Customer Testimonials

These are the best pellets on the market! I ordered 1000 lbs on a Monday and they were delivered today! Excellent service, awesome prices and an excellent product.


Perfect Mix is far and away my favorite smoking pellet!  I have used them on Ribs, Pork Butts, Chicken, Burgers, Pizza, Brats, etc.   Everything I cook with them comes out great!


Some friends and I have been using the Perfect Mix pellets for a while now, and have been really happy with them. I was using straight Hickory from grey bags, and the Perfect Mix has beed a great economical replacement. The flavor for smoking Ribs and Pork Shoulders (those are mostly what I cook) has been equally fantastic. The quality of the pellets has been totaly on par with the big brand. They were a great find!


These pellets are by far the best I have smoked with. Great product.


My favorite pellets by far.  For long cooks or short cooks, they add a rich smoky flavor that is just right regardless of the type of meat.  Butt, brisket, chicken, ribs all come out tasting great.


Have used the Perfect Mix on two briskets and one pork butt so far and the flavor is fantastic. We prefer it over all the pellets we have used so far.


I love the quality of this product. It has the perfect amount of humidity for good smoke along with clean burning. I will buy again.


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The best Premium Grilling wood pellet!  

Premium BBQ wood pellet available!


 NOTE: We do NOT make any MONEY on shipping!!! Thank raising fuel cost and Fedex or UPS!!!